Sunday, January 15, 2012

To [someone], wherever you are....

#10 - Have a snail mail penpal:

A little strange, I know, but the idea of giving and receiving letters in the mail has always made me smile. 

Just the mere thought that someone would take their time to sit down and write to another person, sharing their lives through 1-2 neatly (or messily) scribbled words means more than just an e-mail. I love how paper comes with its own smell, stains and discolorations, even pen smudges. Actual letters are just more personal. 

Don't misunderstand when I admit that I have been known to have an e-mail penpal or two in my extensive list of friends. Yet every once in a while, I wish that I had a friend who I could just pick up a pen and paper and share everything with.

My bf Matt told me that if I really want a penpal, I should look into prison programs or even write to a soldier. Part of me sounds happy to do that, possibly bring some joy into another person's life. Maybe not now or anytime soon, but I hope that one day I can share just a little sliver of sunshine with someone who truly needs it.


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