Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Introductions and Hail to the is his home, you know

After reading over my previous blogs, I decided that I needed to start a new one - focused mainly on accomplishing my dreams. I've been so distracted from writing lately, that when I get to sit down and write, I can never quite find the words to say. Fortunately, this summer (and year) has been an eye-opener to how I needed to start living my life, rather than accepting the status quo. In pursuit of the perfect topics to discuss, I came across an article that detailed one writer's "bucket list," which is a list of goals and aspirations that someone hopes to achieve before they "kick the bucket." It got me thinking about my own list and the things I have accomplished/would add if I had the chance. I am, ready to share my different goals from my life that I've accomplished so far (and some that I hope to), one blog entry at a time. 

#1 - Getting a Tour of The White House

When I was a little girl, probably around six or seven, my dad decided on a family weekend trip to Washington D.C. Some kids get excited about going to Disney World or Six Flags. I was excited to take tours of historic homes and museums....very unusual for a girl my age. Yet I couldn't help it, I loved learning about history and events more than going to any beach or meeting Big Bird. (But of course, I'd probably get super giddy about meeting that big yellow friend of the avian variety if I went!) 

Opting for the train instead of driving, it was a grueling 6+ hour train ride to our Nation's Capital, partially due to cramped cars. Finding a seat was almost impossible, but at about 1 or 2 am, we made it to our hotel, exhausted but excited about our plans. 

The next morning was nothing short of crazy! Trying to cram every historical place into our trip, my father decided we would walk everywhere imaginable. The Capitol, Washington Monument, Fords Theater, Lincoln Memorial, Air & Space Museum....these were a few of the places we had hoped to visit during the day. We went to every single one on our list, a whirlwind tour of our Nation's Capital. Each place carried its own personality and joie de vivre, just like any city.

But it was the White House I remember most. Being ushered in with the other tourists who clamored for a chance to see where Dolly Madison hung her laundry, the Taft bathtub, and the famous White House China. I was in awe. Here I was, seven years old, having the opportunity to tour the residence of our president. At the time, it was George Bush, Sr. 

I can remember every detail, every little nook & cranny of each room, breathing in the history of all the great men who had resided there before the current president. It's amazing how many people categorize History as 'boring' or 'unnecessary'. For me, I am reminded of where we've been and where we're headed. Every little detail gives an insight to the many who have lived under at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, their stories and legacies just as much part of that house as the paint on the walls. Understanding the past and why certain events happened the way that they did are important, especially when it comes to finding a way to connect to the present.  

I may never step foot inside the White House ever again, due to security reasons....but the experience of at least being there was a moment that I will cherish.


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